Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a natural process where plant and animal waste (biomass) are broken down by micro-organisms. The AD process begins when biomass is put inside a sealed tank or digester. Naturally occurring micro-organisms digest the biomass, which releases a methane-rich gas (biogas). The remaining material (digestate) is rich in nutrients, so it can be used as a fertiliser

Many forms of biomass are suitable for AD; including slurry, manure and food waste as well as crops and crop residues. An increasing number of AD plants are being built in the UK and all across Europe to generate clean renewable energy. AD is also used to treat the waste produced in homes, farms, supermarkets and industries across the UK. This helps divert waste from landfill.

The products of AD are referred to as biogas and digestate. Biogas is a mixture of 60% methane, 40% carbon dioxide and traces of other contaminant gases. The exact composition of biogas depends on the type of biomass being digested. Biogas can be combusted to provide heat, electricity or both; this helps cut fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are proud to be full members of ADBA the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources trade association.

Enviroseal pipeline solutions engineers have all of the relevant trade and health and safety qualifications including TWI, CSCS, confined spaces etc.


Enviroseal have been working closely with AD plant operators for a number of years now throughout UK and Europe giving us a wealth of experience we can draw on for ongoing and future projects, listed below are a selection of services we can offer:

  • Electro-Fusion and Butt Fusion welding of MDPE and HDPE pipe from 20-630mm Diameter

  • Solvent welded PVC pipe

  • Stainless steel, Ductile and mild steel pipe installation

  • Specialist valves and motors

  • Biogas collection systems

  • Odour suppression systems

  • Fault finding and remediation of existing systems

  • CCTV Inspection and reporting

  • High pressure hydrostatic and pneumatic testing

  • Agitation equipment

  • Fluid and solid handling pumps