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November 2014

Leachate control

November was a busy month for our engineers as we were awarded major works with an existing client to reduce and control leachate levels as the site had been breached its consent for months and prosecution was looming. We quickly decided that the existing system was ineffective so we drafted in....More

New building
December 2015

Enviroseal moves into new premises

Enviroseal Group completed the move to the new Enviroseal Business Centre before the end of the year. The premises are located less than half a mile away from our previous location and allow the group to continue our expansion...More
January 2015

Work starts at Yorwaste

After a well-earned break for all the staff we commenced works for Yorwaste at Skibeden landfill site near Skipton. The works involved lowering and sealing multiple boreholes and removing refitting pump. Excavate around large diameter ...More
February 2015

ADBA accreditation

Works continued at Skibeden as the works turned up new problems as we uncovered the capping and some aspects had to be amended. The works are now complete and the site appears to be free of odour around our works so the client...More